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Vermilion is bursting with animation extras to add character and depth to your site.

About Vermilion

Vermilion adopts a business or commercial centric visual model, with corporate background shades interwoven with configurable, vibrant or brand colors, allowing for an equilibrium between professionalism and artistic allure.

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Recent News:

Advanced & adaptable CSS dropdown menu

Two Menu Options

Multiple Configurable Navigation Systems

Choose between our CSS-based dropdown menu with advanced features such as inline particles.


Integrated styling for content blocks and particles

Content Particles

Versatile Layout Manager with Custom Particles

Multiple default particles to choose from, and an advanced & powerful custom administrative interface.


Powerful and free core framework for Joomla

Gantry Framework

Extensive Array of Standard Features

Gantry is the powerful core framework that sits at the core of Vermilion, providing a rich feature set.


SeveralEight stylistics and otherseveral structural block variations


Quick and Easy Block Individualization

A diverse selection of configurable block variations, either stylistic or structural in function.

Use over 350 built-in icons for your site content and design

Powered by Font Awesome 4

Responsive Layout

A responsive layout automatically adapts to the viewing device, allowing for an optimized appearance on multiple devices, such as tablets.

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Editable Structure

The template manager offers configuration options to individually control each module position row, per page, allowing for custom widths.

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Mobile Support

Vermilion has responsive styling for smartphones, but also benefits from a mobile specific menu to better match the touch based user interface.

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Australian Tracks Download

Below are a list of Track files for circuits in Australia.

Download the tracks you need and then upload them to your GMOS before you go out to the track via Track Manager.
Most tracks listed below have 3 sectors placed at even points around the track.
Winton track has only two sectors and Winton Short Track has one sector.
Queensland Raceway has only two slits to allow viewing of lap times before turn 3.

To download, use mouse and right click and use save as to your computer.
Australian Tracks
Collie WA [New] [Updated 28/5/2017]
Eastern Creek/Sydney Motorsport Park [Updated 28/1/2016]
Hidden Valley
Mac Park
Mallala Raceway
Morgan Park
Phillip Island
Queensland Raceway
Sandown Raceway
Symmons Plains
The Bend [Updated 20/4/2018] 2 Sectors
The Bend International [New Track 20/4/2018] 3 Sectors
Wakefield Park
Winton Short

New Zealand Tracks Download

Below are a list of Track files for circuits in New Zealand.

New Zealand Tracks
GT Radial Club
Hampton Downs

Ruapuna at Christchurch
Levels Raceway at Timaru

Track Manager: Upload / Download / Create / Edit / Delete Tracks

0:04 – Enter Track Manager, Manager overview
0:35 – Line Editor overview
1:10 – Load track files to Manager
1:35 – Preview line contents
1:48 – Upload tracks to device
2:11 – Create a Finish Line from the start – Edit track name
2:32 – Find coordinates with Google Earth
3:30 – Adjust traveling direction
3:46 – Repeat these steps to create sectors
6:54 – Connect device and download tracks from device
7:06 – Delete tracks from device

Note that since there will be two settings listed for Winton in the search results now, please make sure to select the one that you would like to use. If no selection is made,
the timer has no idea which one to use, it will set a new track automatically when the starting speed is reached. This is to make sure there will be lap time produced.

Particles Versatile Content Blocks for Gantry

  • RocketLauncher

    A RocketLauncher is a custom, full Joomla package that installs a near equivalent of the demo onto your server.

    This option allows you to check exactly how the demo is constructed.


    In addition, Vermilion has free online guides to assist in setting up the template on your site.

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  • Image Sources

    Vermilion is bundled with Adobe® Fireworks PNG Sources, which are layered and edible, for customizing.

    The sources are available to all active club members or Vermilion purchasers.


    All RocketTheme Extensions for Vermilion are free and can be downloaded separately.

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  • Coming Soon/Offline

    Stylistically integrated custom designed Offline or Coming Soon, with a configurable time counter, are available.

    The sources are available to all active club members or Vermilion purchasers.


    Create exquisite graphical charts using HTML5 and Chart.js, which is built-in with Vermilion.

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