SpeedAngle Lap Timer - Master the Art of Cornering

SpeedAngle is a 10Hz GPS Lap Timer with Lean Angle Measurement and G-Forces. GPS+GLONASS enabled.

Frequently Asked Questions + Answers

Below is a list of some questions that we get asked, please feel free to
ask additional questions via our support area.

  • Where can I buy a SpeedAngle Lap Timer? +

    You can visit our website store at www.mototrack.com.au or purchase from our Resellers listed on website.
  • I have crashed and damaged my Lap Timer Screen, can it be replaced? +

    Yes it can be replaced, we sell replacement screens via our website at www.mototrack.com.au, these are priced at $140.00.
  • I have lost or broken my Lap Timer Bracket, do you sell spare brackets? +

    Yes, we sell replacement brackets via our website at www.mototrack.com.au, these are priced at $19.00 + shipping.
  • My track is no longer on Lap Timer? +

    This can happen is you are not at the location and select the track and then hit set new track. Download track and load via Track Manager.
  • Do I need to install external GPS Antenna? +

    If you have the latest version then the external antenna is not included and not required. If you have the previous model then it is recommended but in most cases a signal will be found using the internal GPS Antenna. If your signal is weak it is best to connect external GPS Antenna.
  • What payments methods do we accept? +

    We accept all payment methods such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and Direct Debit.
  • What delivery options do we offer? +

    All order within Australia are Express Posted, outside Australia can select various shipping methods such as Air Mail Express.
  • What support options are available? +

    We offer total support via our Support Area located in the menu above.
  • Does the SpeedAngle Lap Timer require hard wiring? +

    No, the SpeedAngle has it's own rechargeable battery and can last up to 14 hours.
  • Do I have to connect the Lean Angle Sensor? +

    No, however the data will not contain Lean Angle information, also a message will appear on lap timer to say no sensor.
  • Are tracks pre-loaded on unit? +

    Yes, we load at least 12 Australian Tracks on the unit before shipping.
  • What is the warranty period? +

    Your SpeedAngle comes with a limited one-year warranty with your purchase. SpeedAngle Inc warrants the GMOS device against defects in materials and workmanship under ordinary use for one year from the invoice date.
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Software Installation

SpeedAngle R4 is a simple yet powerful tool to analyze your ride. With G force color-coded on the trace and its unique graphs of speeds, lean angles, and longitudinal G’s.

The software is designed to run on MS Windows only.


In addition, there is a complete pdf manual available for the SpeedAngle Lap Timer. [English Version]

Download Here

Tracks Pre-Loaded

We provide all Lap Timers with pre-loaded Australian Tracks with sectors already added.

Up to 15 tracks can be stored on the SpeedAngle unit.

Track Manager

You can edit tracks and add your own personal sectors via the software using your Windows compatible computer.

More about Track Manager

Lap Timer

Automatically detects your track location, starts without any user input. Auto new tracks can be created.

Accuracy is within 1/1000 second subject to good GPS signal.

Compare Laps

Using the SpeedAngle R4 software you can compare laps from any session.

Download Software

More SpeedAngle Features

  • Track Location Auto Select +

    In most cases, once you are on a Track, all you need is power GMOS on, and then it will take care of itself. This allows you to focus on the more important thing – perform to the best – instead of being distracted by the tool that is supposed to help you.
  • Best Lap Indication +

    Once you have a new best lap, the whole lap time display area will be highlighted for a pre-designated period of time. Just a glance and you know you have made another progress.
  • Lean Angle Measurement +

    The point of lean angle measurement is not how far you can lean, but to know exactly how and where you are leaning in a corner. This, plus the acceleration/deceleration G measurement and GPS trace, can clearly mark how hard and how long you are braking before entering a turn, what your cornering speed is, if the throttle is rolled on again before or after exiting the apex, just to name a few.
  • Driving Mode for Road Riding +

    Feeling like going for an easy ride on an open road or to the twisties but would still like your motion data recorded? You can choose to switch to Driving Mode. This mode shows your lean angles real-time with an angle meter, displays the max angles of your last three turns, and records your speeds, G’s, lean angle’s and GPS traces.
  • Data Logging +

    Data is logged every session you go out, you can also review the sessions on your device. The software will then show you the trace and all measurements such as Speed, Lean Angle and G-Forces.
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