SpeedAngle Lap Timer - Master the Art of Cornering

SpeedAngle is a 10Hz GPS Lap Timer with Lean Angle Measurement and G-Forces. GPS+GLONASS enabled.

speedangle websiteSpeedAngle Australia has launched a new website that will ensure people get a lot more information about SpeedAngle Lap Timers. There is area's that show the product features, specifications, download area plus tips, tricks, sharing information and data file ability. We also have the head of SpeedAngle Inc. providing feedback and information as well.

The new support area is located here. www.speedangle.com.au/support

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SpeedAngle Lap Timer with Lean Angle Measurement

Now available in Australia  "Master the Art of Cornering"


As advertised in Australian Motorcycle News
Mototrack Accessories is the Australian Distributor of SpeedAngle | Dealer Enquires are welcome, please call 0411 477 497.

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