SpeedAngle Lap Timer - Master the Art of Cornering

SpeedAngle is a 10Hz GPS Lap Timer with Lean Angle Measurement and G-Forces. GPS+GLONASS enabled.


Speedangle have released a new firmware upgrade for 2015 models. [Non External Antenna Models Only]
The major new features include:
The option to turn an additional satellite system on. Double Constellation GPS-GLONASS Receiver.

It current model was GPS only; from now on it is GPS and GLONASS by default. The benefit of adding GLONASS is quicker fix with more satellites locked on to at the same time. This way, the your SpeedAngle will get good GPS signals even if the device is turned on just before he/she starts riding. The downside is that the trace recorded will be just a not quite as neat as GPS Only. GLONASS can be turned off via the System Menu.

The option to adjust sensor vibration filter setting according to the customer's riding condition.

The user can change the filter setting in System Menu. There are three levels available: high, mid, and low. The higher the setting, the more vibration will be filtered out. This also means that quick body movements during a turn may be mistaken as vibrations and filtered out. So we suggest to use Mid for most bikes, Low for smooth bikes, and High for high vibration bikes. If the rider tends to adjust body positions several times during a turn trying to find a suitable lean angle, consider setting the filter lower.

​The companion software R4 also has a new release version 01.43. Besides some minor bug fixes, the major feature is the ability to complete a device firmware update by the user. This feature is available in the download dialog.

The steps are as below:

​Download firmware and Software from the links below. Turn on the device

Launch SpeedAngle R4 Ver 01.43 Software. Go to MENU > TOOLS > LOG DOWNLOADER

Click CONNECT to connect device. Click DEVICE FIRMWARE UPDATE at the bottom. Browse for the firmware file.

Wait till the update is complete. This normally takes less than 10 seconds.​

​That's it. DO NOT disconnect the device during firmware update or disrupt the ​update process in any way. It is also recommended not to do the update while the computer is multi-tasking. Otherwise, the firmware in the flash might be damaged and can only be restored by sending the device back to us.

This Firmware Upgrade is for Non External Antenna Models Only [Released in February 2017]
Use the mouse right click to "save as" files to your computer.
Click Here to Download [SpeedAngle R4 Software Ver 01.43] This is a zip file. Uncompress and start using, no install required with this .exe file.

SpeedAngle Lap Timer with Lean Angle Measurement

Now available in Australia  "Master the Art of Cornering"


As advertised in Australian Motorcycle News
Mototrack Accessories is the Australian Distributor of SpeedAngle | Dealer Enquires are welcome, please call 0411 477 497.

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